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5 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes


5 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes


5 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Choosing your wedding invitations may seem like a seemingly easy task, right? Well, my couples often express their surprise at the level of detail that’s actually involved in creating them. The print method(s), papers, colors, and invitation embellishments are some of the fun details that will give guests a glimpse of your wedding style. But way more goes into invitations than just that! From grammar and spelling to timing and etiquette there’s a lot to think about. Here are 5 common wedding invitation mistakes I’ve seen made over the years and tips on how you can avoid making the same ones!


While your wedding stationer will look for errors, we’re still human and can potentially overlook mistakes. Keep in mind we’re looking at your proofs more than anyone else and by a certain point, our brains tend to read things how they should. Have at least two other set of eyes carefully review for accuracy on ALL pieces before submitting final approvals. Some commonly misspelled wedding invitation words to look out for are: accommodations, presence, honor/honour, favor/favour, complimentary, reception, and regretfully.

Some other details to look out for:

  • Wedding date & year
  • Venue name and address
  • Ceremony start time
  • Spelling of your names
  • Spelling of parent names (if included)
  • Hotel details (location, contact info & cut off date)
  • Abbreviations
  • Guest names and addresses for envelopes

*Pro Tip: Print out your digital proof to review for accuracy. Marking it up using a highlighter can be helpful in spotting errors.


Learn from my mistake and only order what you actually need. Fun fact…Our guest count was 150 and I ordered 200 invitations thinking I wanted to have extras on hand just in case. Turns out I ordered one per guest instead of one per couple. I only really needed about 85 invitations and could have saved a lot of money. Talk about a WTF was I thinking moment!

This is where your finalized guest list becomes super helpful! Count households rather than referring to the total guest count number. The household number is what you need for your save the date and invitation quantity. Add on about 10-15 extra to the household number to have on hand just in case you need them. The post office loses about 3%-5% of mail, so you’ll likely have to re-send a few.

*Pro Tip: Finalize your guest list before submitting your final approvals. This goes for B-list guests too! Even if there are some guests you’re on the fence about, include them in the final count. Just don’t send them out right away. Having them printed with the full order will avoid a costly reprint at a later date.


Printing your guest addresses on a home printer is a disaster waiting to happen. Streaked ink, paper jams, misalignment, and aggravation are just a few reasons why it’s just not worth it to DIY.

*Pro Tip: Leave this task for your stationer. You’ll save yourself hours to plan another aspect of your wedding.


Trust me when I say timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to your wedding invitations. After all, so many factors leading up to your wedding day rests solely on knowing who will be attending and your final guest count number. This includes everything from the number of floral centerpieces to the final quantities of any printed material such as ceremony programs and menu cards, as well as seating arrangements and even the number of shuttles you’ll need. Your invitations should really be finalized and in print production five months before your wedding. This ensures enough time for print and production, transit time for your suite to arrive, and assembly.

*Pro Tip! Stick to the recommended timeline and deadline. Not sure when you should mail your invitations? I got you! Click HERE for the sweet spot for mailing.


Postage is one of those extra cost items most don’t think about when creating a wedding budget. In most cases you’ll need a minimum of a two-ounce forever stamp to initially mail your invitations. You’ll also need to include a forever stamp on your response envelope if choosing a traditional response card that gets mailed back to you. While couples think they’re getting a head start, it’s never a good idea to purchase any postage before you have your invitations in hand. If your invitation card features double thick paper, ribbon ties, and/or wax seals, it will require additional postage. Bring an assembled invitation suite to the post office to confirm the cost before purchasing is your best option.

*Pro tip! You don’t have to worry about postage if you’re a Lace and Belle couple. All of my full-service invitation packages include standard USPS postage, as well as white glove assembly, and mailing on your behalf!

You can avoid these 5 common wedding invitation mistakes simply by having a knowledgeable professional to guide you through the process. If you find beauty in the finer paper details and want to create an everlasting first impression while having fun, let’s chat!

Photo Credit: Invitation Suite Photo Styling & Photography by Peterson Design and Photography

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