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How to Write your Wedding Vows


How to Write your Wedding Vows


How to Write your Wedding Vows

Exchanging vows will be the MOST sentimental part of your wedding day. Similar to flipping through your wedding album or watching your wedding video, reading the heartfelt vows penned in an heirloom vow book is bound to leave you crying tears of pure joy on your wedding day and beyond. However, before your vows are ready to be proclaimed to the love of your life, you need to put in the prep-work. So here are some tips on how to write your wedding vows!


Think of this first step as a brainstorming session and word dump. Begin by gathering your thoughts and simply write down whatever comes to your mind without worrying about grammar or typos.


Compose your first draft using your thoughts from your brainstorming session. REMEMBER TO BE AUTHENTIC! In order for your vows to make an impact, you need to ultimately sound like yourself.


Revise, proofread, and edit again! No need to do this in one sitting. That way, you can revisit multiple times and review over the course of a few weeks. Trust me. As a former editor, fresh eyes and a clear head can undoubtedly make all the difference when it comes to writing.


Once you have the version that makes your heart most happy, write that rendition in an heirloom vow book. This way, you can read from it during your first look or ceremony. Furthermore, not only will it look great in photos, but will also remind you of those promises made long after the reception ends.

Read more tips for how to write your wedding vows on Bridal Guide and then head on over to the Lace and Belle shop to purchase your keepsake heirloom vow book set. After all, who wouldn’t want to relive the moment you promised forever over and over again?!

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