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Your details matter. After all, your wedding day is the biggest event you'll ever plan and just like your marriage, you want it to stand the test of time. It's here in my journal where I share a piece of my heart from love stories, inspiration, love letters, and all things pretty.

Grab yourself a glass of sweet tea (or whatever you fancy) and borrow my notes shared in my blog for a
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3 Details for Dreamy Flat Lays


3 Details for Dreamy Flat Lays


3 Details for Dreamy Flat Lays

Imagine this…. it’s the morning of your wedding day. You wake up excited to marry the love of your life and to finally see your hard work be brought to life. Your wedding party is arriving (on time), hair and makeup is setting up, and your parents even thought of having a lovely breakfast spread out with an assortment of bagels, pastries, coffee, and mimosas to kick off getting ready. As you settle into your white lace romper or satin pajama set, the photographer arrives, requesting your items to capture details. Panic immediately sets in! You didn’t think to gather these details ahead of time and everything is scattered. What should have been a fun, stress-free morning, quickly turns into chaos in a last-minute attempt to collect some items.

Did your anxiety just skyrocket after reading that scenario? Same!

This less-than-ideal situation is a wedding day disaster even for the most low-key couple. Not to mention, it doesn’t exactly start your best day ever on a positive note. Some may argue that detail shots aren’t necessarily essential, and while that may be true, details help tell your wedding day story in photos. Plus, after months or even years of wedding planning, who wouldn’t want all the details photographed to remember for years to come? Here are three details to have ready for your wedding photographer to ensure you get the flat lay detail shots you’ve been dreaming about!

classic Lace and Belle letterpress wedding invitation suite with venue illustration,  monogram, and floral envelope liner | 3 things to pack for your wedding photographer


Make sure to have at least TWO full invitation suites for your photographer, including the main invitation, insert cards, and any accessories (belly bands, ribbon, wax seals, etc.) with addressed envelopes and liners (if included). Additionally, having multiple copies of the full suite will give your photographer more options when styling your pretty paper details. Don’t forget your save the dates, programs, menu cards, and wedding day itinerary/hotel bag cards, if you wish to have them photographed in a flat lay.


Heirlooms and personal accessories are any meaningful details you may want photographed. Is your wedding garter made from your mother’s gown? Is your grandmother’s ring serving as something borrowed? Or perhaps your late dad passed down his watch and you decided to wear it as a way for him to be close and a part of your special day. These items will make your detail shots more personalized.

  • Engagement Ring, Wedding Bands, and Ring box
  • Vow Books
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Accessories (shoes, earrings, bracelets, garter, watch, cuff links, etc.)

Lace and Belle deckled vow book, 3 things to pack for your wedding photographer
3 details to pack for your wedding photographer


Flowers and greenery will bring your detail shots to life and will add dimension and texture to the photos. Inquire with your floral designer about including additional blooms for detail shots. If not included, request it as a separate a la carte option.

Pro Tip: Purchase a small to medium sized keepsake box to begin collecting the items you want photographed now. Having everything in one place beforehand allows you to easily hand it over to your photographer on your wedding day. Most photographers will bring along styling mats and props to complement your wedding day details. Just be sure to confirm these finer details ahead of time.

Become a Lace and Belle couple to help guide you through the pretty paper process. I can’t wait to gift you two keepsake suites for your dream flat lays! Schedule a consultation HERE.

Photo Credits: Invitation Suite Photo Styling & Photography by Peterson Design and Photography / Vow Book & Ring Photos by Tori Kelner Photography

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