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7 Secrets to save money on wedding invitations


7 Secrets to save money on wedding invitations


7 Secrets to save money on wedding invitations

Let’s just lay it all out on the table and address the obvious elephant in the room. Weddings are expensive. We all know that. Lucky for you I’m spilling the tea and sharing seven secrets on how you can save money on your wedding invitations. Yep! It’s totally possible to make an everlasting first impression, while keeping your wallet happy. Ready for the best part? It’s NOT by breaking hearts by cutting your guest list. Let me break it down for you.

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Luxury printing, like letterpress, blind deboss/emboss, or foil stamping are the most expensive printing options for wedding invitations as they require custom plates to achieve these looks. Digital printing doesn’t require plates, so this method not only provides the most cost-effective option but also ensures the quickest possible turnaround, all while offering an extensive range of color options. If the print method itself isn’t necessarily important to you then digital flat printing is certainly the route you want to go.

However, if you love the look of letterpress and know for sure this is a must-have, then consider having just your main wedding invitation card letterpress printed with your insert cards digital flat printed. This combo printing method will give you the best of both worlds without sacrificing your dream invitation or the overall look of your invitation suite!

7 secrets to save money on wedding invitations, velvet ribbon wedding invitations, wedding invitation tips, wedding planning tips, Lace and Belle


It’s easy to want all the belles and whistles for your wedding invitations but choose one or two that are non-negotiables and skip the rest. For example, add on wax seals for a personalized look and textural element, but perhaps you swap the envelope liner for a colored envelope and/or a paper or translucent band to hold the suite together instead of ribbon.


Invitations printed on a heavier card stock or are oversized will need additional postage to mail. Stick to standard sizes to help avoid the cost of additional non-machinable or “package” costs. Don’t forget to proofread multiple times and have an extra set of eyes to review the finer details before signing off on your final proofs to avoid a re-print. Pro tip: Opt for double thick card stock for the main invitation and 120# for the insert cards.


For the love of everything, please don’t make the same mistake I did and order one invitation per guest. (Bless my heart!) Compile a well-organized list to account for the number of households needed (aka your invitation quantity). Pro tip: Extend a plus-one only to married guests, those that are engaged or in a serious long-term relationship. 


It’s cheaper to order extra invitations up front. The price per piece is way less expensive upfront rather than ordering them at a later date due to order minimums (25 for digital and 50 for specialty printing). I recommend ordering an 10% extra of what you’re ordering. For example if your quantity is 100, you should be safe with an additional 10.

7 secrets to save money on wedding invitations, online rsvp wedding cards, wedding invitation tips, wedding planning tips, Lace and Belle


Requesting guests respond via your wedding website is an easy way to cut costs. You’ll not only omit the response envelopes, but also return postage, too! There are many wedding websites that allow you to manage who gets a plus one, how many in the family are invited, as well as tracking responses for your rehearsal and wedding day to post wedding breakfast.


Choosing a pre-designed suite semi-custom collection is a great option for couples who have a shorter timeline, need guidance through the process, or just want a personalized design experience at a more cost-effective investment. Semi-custom suites can have a custom feel by elevating through various embellishments.

If you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start, I got you! Schedule a consultation HERE to get the pretty paper process started. I’m more than happy to offer suggestions on personalized ways you can save money without sacrificing style. I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding day!

Photo Credits: Invitation Suite Photo Styling & Photography by Peterson Design and Photography

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