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Informing Guests about Your Wedding Postponement


Informing Guests about Your Wedding Postponement


Informing Guests about Your Wedding Postponement

Informing Guests about Your Wedding Postponement or Change of DateThe big day is getting so close you can just about taste the wedding cake. Your beautiful custom invitations were already sent out and every day you rush to your mailbox to see whose reply cards were delivered. The only problem is, you’re in the midst of wedding planning during a global outbreak that has left everyone with so much uncertainty. And then you receive the call you’ve been dreading from your venue and you’re forced to postpone your wedding. Or perhaps you and your fiance simply just decided to take matters into your own hands and get a head start on making changes on your own terms. Regardless of your situation, you do need to get the word out to family and friends that even though the date is delayed, the party is still in fact on.

Lace and Belle is fully committed to helping ALL couples navigate through this unfortunate season. With every couple I see that postpones their wedding, my heart shatters a little bit more. I can only imagine how stressful, anxious, disappointed, and angry you must feel, and all the feelings you have are valid. But guess what? I’M HERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY to guide you through announcing your change of date.


Update your wedding website homepage. This URL is already in the hands of your guests, and it’s likely family and friends will be referring to it now, more than ever to stay up to date about your wedding. After all, they are looking forward to celebrating, too!


Next, have a change of date design made up with your new details. Keep it simple and straight to the point. At this point, everyone is well aware of the circumstances in light of this global pandemic, so there is no need to go into detail as to why you’re postponing the wedding date. In addition to the verbiage below, you might also want to include a way for guests to RSVP. Don’t just assume those guests who initially responded no are still a no. The new date just might be open for them to join in on the celebration. You can simply include an email address that you frequently check or you can even have guests respond via your wedding website. There are some websites that allow this feature.


Change our Date
The wedding of
Olivia Miller and Liam O’Connor
has been postponed
Kindly save our new date 10.30.2020
Park Chateau Estate and Gardens
Five o’clock in the evening
Visit our website for additional details

Change our Date
Olivia Miller and Liam O’Connor
Will exchange vows
Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Three o’clock in the evening
Reception to follow at Nanina’s in the Park
Five o’clock in the evening
Visit our website for additional details


Informing Guests about Your Wedding Postponement or Change of DateEvery couple’s situation is a little bit different and physically sending a new invitation set might not be in everyone’s budget or an option due to timing. If you fall into this category, it’s totally okay! Don’t feel like you have to spend money you don’t necessarily have, just because others are doing so. Take your digital design and send it to family and friends via email. Now I wouldn’t necessarily recommend sharing it on social media as you probably don’t want any extra guests showing up for your wedding day. If your wedding day is rescheduled far enough out, by all means send a new invitation if your budget allows or even just a change the date announcement with a new rsvp or details card. I hope these tips lift a little bit of weight off your heart. Please reach out whether you need further wedding advice, someone to vent to, or if you need a digital design with your new date and details. I’m currently offering two change the date services free of charge to the wedding community and any couple whose wedding has been affected by COVID-19! All you have to do is send me an email or DM on Instagram with your new details. Hang in there, darlings. We will get through this together.


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